About hubergroup USA

About hubergroup USA

Welcome to the World of Printing Inks at hubergroup US, Inc.

Here in North America, we’ve grown our business through a fierce passion for ink quality and consistency. We recognize our world is changing and we must change with it in order to continue adding value to our existing and future partners.

In today's demanding climate, we believe that getting inks to press, on time, and in specification, should be a given for our customers, and we have shown this commitment through the existence of our regional branches in key states and provinces across the United States of America and Canada.

Adding value in the pressroom is where we differentiate ourselves from other printing ink manufacturers. Based on a wealth of local, international and worldwide experiences, our team of dedicated technical ink, coating and press experts will be able to provide you with completely optimised product systems and solutions.

From the inks we supply to the services we offer and the beliefs we hold, we would like to raise your expectations and work diligently in partnership with you to fulfill these high standards.